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Take Advantage of the Cloud


Consider the vital equipment your restaurant needs: refrigerators, ovens, fryers, and pans. But with the advances in technology and the changes in the way operations are handled, your computer server may soon become the most valuable piece of equipment in your restaurant’s inventory.


Restaurants are capturing massive amounts of data on their customers’ spending habits thanks to the development of point-of-sale technologies. But the data they are collecting far outpace the storage capacity of their on-site servers, as well as its ability to consolidate, assimilate, and analyze all that information. In addition, many larger foodservice companies and producers are also looking for easier ways to streamline their corporate communications and information sharing.

In an attempt to keep up with advances in technology, many restaurant operators and food producers are paying close attention to cloud technology.

The “cloud” is a service that allows users to store data on remote computer servers from where they can retrieve that data almost as fast as if it was on their home office server. Cloud-based services also let users access software without having to install it on their computers. In addition, the cloud lets you share large pieces of information that normal email file sharing thresholds don’t allow.

There is a lot of technical jargon surrounding cloud technology, and most people don’t understand it fully yet, but there is a definite paradigm shift going on in the business world and how businesses and people use computers.

Your restaurant can leverage cloud technology to streamline your operations and to store, organize and make sense of the customer data you are gathering. The cloud’s ability to serve as a centralized repository for the enormous amounts of data your restaurant is accumulating should have you seriously considering looking into securing a provider. The cloud is being introduced at a time when you need it most, as your other operational technologies and point-of-sale equipments are becoming more advanced.

The consensus in the business world is that cloud technology will become a way of life for computer users, as all the major players, from Google to Apple, are vying to become the top cloud provider. Platforms such as IBM’s SmartCloud for Social Businesses, Dropbox, and Google+ are all offering cloud technologies that provide privacy and protection.


Accessing the cloud can be done from any Internet connection, anywhere. So your backups, storage, reports, and security are all handled in the cloud. Your system expands as your business expands.

But best of all, it means that your data is easier to get, simpler to use, and easier to understand and apply to your business needs at hand. This technology can handle a lot of the information headaches your restaurant is currently dealing with, while giving you the storage, organization, and analysis you need.

Whichever third-party you choose, cloud technology is something you should be including in your strategy for the future. Harnessing this technology for data collection can help your business grow, while giving you the freedom to focus on what really matters: making delicious food.

by:Eveleena Fults

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